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Here's what people are saying:

This last August, two of my kids summited Mt. Baker with the Peak 7 Organization. Joshua 17, and Tyler 14, never would have had this experience without the Peak 7 group. Reaching the top of Mt. Baker was one of the most physically demanded things either has ever done. The guides were there every step of the way helping and encouraging them to make it... They did! Joshua and Tyler have a new outlook on what they can accomplish in life if they put their minds to it and have the right help. Thanks....We think Peak 7 is awsome! - Brad Lingbloom

"Dear Peak 7 crew. This is Cameron Barclay (Greg Barclay’s son (fire boy)) and I just wanted to email you guys to tell you how much fun the rafting trip was and what a blast I had rafting with my dad and making a few friends and just learning about God and how to become a man. I want to thank Nichole and the rest of the girls for the great food and their help with everything. I also want to thank Ron, Ryan, and Austin for the way they were like friends not just river guides. I had the best week that I can remember. Going through all the rapids and then stopping for lunch, fishing, and talking to Ron about all of his adventures, and Ryan and his jokes and sense of humor, and Austin for his great leadership and how every one there walked with God. It really gave me hope to know that I’m not the only person with problems. When I left it was sad because it felt like I was leaving a family, every one was like a father there. I just want to thank you for making this one of the best weeks of my life with my family and the crew there. Thanks again! I am hopping that I can go on another peak 7 adventure soon."                               - Cameron Barclay

"Thank you for the AWESOME CD of photos, and for the AMAZING day on the river! Hands down, that was one of the best days I have ever "worked" in my career! you guys were just what our program kids and staff needed for a summer reprieve."  - Jennifer McInelly (Spokane Detention Advocacy Program)

"I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the trip today with all of us from Ogden Hall. It was amazing. I was more than a little bit worried about being able to go with the wrist injury that I have. The fact that I was not in a position to row with an oar with my team left me feeling a bit hesitant. God told me to push in so I did. Harley was a wonderful help and went the extra mile I think, to make me feel like I was still an important part of our team. Learning to count on and rely on my teammates to help me when I can't do it myself is something God has been trying to teach me for a long time. Now that I am listening, it paid off beautifully, and I have Peak7 to thank from the bottom of my heart for showing me in such a fun and tangible way.... It IS alright to lean on others and there are people who care enough to see me through to the end. I am so blessed to take this lesson from today through the rest of my life...... It is indeed worth the struggle and the risk. My Father and my teammates will never leave me to fend for myself, ESPECIALLY if I am broken."                                     - Kimberly Westphall (Anna Ogden Hall)

"Thank you for providing this trip for my students. It gave me a chance to connect with them on a spiritual level that I cannot achieve at school. It was awesome!"                                                                  - Linda Warren (teacher)

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You were so helpful throughout the whole process and yesterday was a blast. The kids, as well as the leaders, all agreed that the whole experience (the rafting, games, bible study, bbq, etc.) was the best event we had ever done."

- Josh Parker (Living Word Christian Center)

"This Program is an awesome blessing from God! It’s not really about just rafting, its about ministry and fellowship and the fun part was the “cherry on top”! Trey and the other Peak7 guys and gals are gifted servants and leaders! God bless and thanks."                                - Martin (Teen Challenge)

"It's amazing to see these kids learn to trust themselves more than they've ever had to and to rely on their peers and the staff for support as well. Most of the kids went into the rafting trip scared to death, but by the end they were asking if we could go rafting every week. This was a huge barrier for them to overcome. We had kids open up and share that had never opened up before... a big thanks to … Peak 7 Adventures for hooking us up with sponsored trips and awesome rafting guides!!"
                         - Meagan Henderson, Director of Recreation, Tamarack Center

"At first I sort of chickened out again and said I didn't want to go rafting. I was really nervous about it for a couple of days and I really didn't feel like going. Fortunately for me, although I didn't think so at the time, they made me go no matter what I said. It turned out to be a blast and I really loved it. I was laughing and having fun the whole time. It's probably the most fun I've had in a really long time. It was just an awesome adrenaline rush and I'm really glad I got to go. Hopefully we will get to do it again, even if I'm not still here, I think it's a really great experience for anybody."
-This is from a participant who is very depressed and is involved in drugs. His brother committed suicide last year. He just doesn't laugh or care about much of anything right now. I am convinced that you gave him the experience that he could get to know himself and actually feel something. That adrenaline rush that all the kids talk about is HUGE, because they're used to getting that sort of high off of drugs or alcohol or cutting on their skin [self-harm].
                                                                              - At-Risk Youth (Confidential)

"The river rafting trip yesterday was amazing. When I first started out I was extremely scared and nervous because I had never been in a raft before but as soon as we got out I had a great time. I even felt okay with riding on the front of the raft! It was comforting having Brady as a guide. He was a very good guide and made me feel safe. I knew that if I was to flip out of the raft I would be okay because he'd have someone pull me back in. I really enjoyed the rafting trip and I hope that maybe some day I'll get to do it again."
                                                                              - At-Risk Youth (Confidential)

"Yesterday's rafting trip was phenomenal. So many people had masses of fun, including me. Ryan was my guide and the best one! We got to do so many things. Some of us got to do cannon balls off the raft. Me, I tried to do a belly flop, it did not turn out so well. That's okay though. All the people in my raft did the trust building activities, where two people get on the opposite sides of the raft and lock their t-grips and lean back. I fell into the water a couple of times. That was so much fun and I couldn't stop laughing. Then some of us go to do what was called 'riding the bronco.' I fell off and that was cool. The rafting trip was immensely fun."
-this is from a girl who was suicidal and addicted to drugs with a really bad family life.
                                                                       - At-Risk Youth (Confidential)

Before I went on a trip with Peak 7 Adventures I had no idea how beautiful the wilderness is and it amazes me that God would make places like that for us to go to. Being out there with God is something that I wish I could do everyday.
                                                                                                - Matt (Spokane)

"This is the second coolest thing I have ever done... the first was being born"

                                                                                        - Joe Lucas (Spokane)

"I recently moved to the NW from Italy. Nobody really did any rafting over there, and floating down a river in a boat with other six crazy people with paddles always seemed like something totally insane and dangerous to do. But last weekend I went rafting with a friend and had a completely different experience! The guys from Peak7 guided us through safety rules and procedures before getting onto the raft, so when we were done we knew what we had to do if we got in trouble. Once on board we had two safety kayaks following us - which was quite reassuring at the beginning. Our guide on board was great, and at no time it felt like we were in danger, so we could focus on the fun of rushing down the river. And we're talking a category five river!! It was a breeze. When we got off the raft I felt like I accomplished something - and we went down the falls again. I would recommend Peak7 to anybody that's interested in adventure, God's beauty and cares about getting home safely."                                                     -Oliver, Seattle

"I've always loved the outdoors but had never been taught enough to feel comfortable going out on my own. Over the last year I went on a variety of trips with Peak7 Adventures. Each time I went with with them it has been well planned and a great time but the best part for me is that I am now comfortable going on my own. Learning how to Kayak from Peak7 Adventures has turned me into the outdoors-person I always pretended to be."
                                                                             - Stephen, Seattle

“Before learning about Peak7 Adventures the only whitewater I ever saw was on the Discovery Channel. Now I have actually paddled my own boat through actual rapids on numerous Peak7 kayaking trips. I must admit that at first I spent most of my time upside down in the rapids but thanks to Peak7 instruction I now have the training, skill, and confidence to roll back upright without pulling skirt. Without Peak7 Adventures I would still be at home watching the Discovery Channel, now I am enjoying the outdoors and planning my next trip with Peak7 Adventures.”                         - Cody, Spokane