Rock Climbing Instruction

Peak 7 offers basic to advanced level rock climbing instruction. We will customize classes to meet your goals. Whether you are hoping to get outside climbing for the first time, want to learn how to lead, or are interested in learning basics for trad climbing; we are excited to provide the instruction you need to reach your climbing goals! Cost varies depending on location, length of time, and number of participants, starting at $50 per hour for basic instruction.  Call or email for date availability and group rates. 509.467.5550 or 
Smith Rock
Half Day
1 person - $120
Full Day
1 person - $175/person
2 people - $100/person
3-4 people- $90/person
Full Day
1 person - $200
2 people - $150/person
3-4 people - $125/person
Full Day
2 people - $250/person
3 people - $225/person
4 people - $215/person
Two Day
2 people - $350/person
3 people - $315/person
4 people - $300/person
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“Thank you so much for your contributions that have made it possible for us to go on such an incredible adventure. This experience has been so great for me, especially getting to witness God in such real tangible ways, all while being surrounded by the beauty of his creation. I will never forget this trip or any of the amazing lessons that I will be able to take away.”  

- Rock Climbing Student