Mt. Baker

Group size: 5 to 10
Availability: July and Early August
Cost: $500-$750
Difficulty Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Attempting to Summit Baker is a three to four day mountaineering experience that includes glacier crossings and roped team climbing. A gaining of nearly 5,000 feet from camp to summit earns climbers' spectacular views of Glacier Peak, North Cascades, and North Puget Sound.

Summiting Mt. Baker is a strenuous activity. While experience is not required, participants must be in good shape and prepared for strenuous activity. 
This region is the wide spanning ancestral homeland of various Indigenous people groups--the peoples of the Columbia River Basin to the east and those of the Pacific Northwest/Puget Lowlands to the west. As we recreate on these lands, we seek to steward it well through protection, preservation, and care in an effort to honor these tribes' culture and ties to the forest, rivers, lakes, and mountains.