General FAQ

What if I need to cancel my trip?
Please see our Cancellation Policy here.
What if I'm gluten free?
We differentiate between gluten-free where only ingredients are of primary concern and celiac disease where cross-contamination is a critical issue. For simple gluten free, we can offer gluten free alternatives and/or prepare portions without the gluten-containing ingredient on the side. Favorite brands cannot be guaranteed. Cross-contamination issues are harder to deal with. We can avoid cross-contamination with utensils on a meal-by-meal basis, washing those utensils first in uncontaminated dishwater, but our kitchens are far from a gluten-free zone. Those with serious cross-contamination concerns will often bring their own supply of snacks, foods and ingredients (as well as utensils) which we can pack in dedicated separate containers for the duration of the trip. Please email for more information.

Do I need to buy any special equipment?
Peak 7 Adventures was founded to provide outdoor access to everyone by removing as many barriers as possible. We provide all gear for any of our adventures! Email for any questions.

Am I supposed to tip my guide?

If you have enjoyed your trip and feel that your guides have done an outstanding job, tips are appreciated. Please give what you feel and do not feel pressured. The guide staff has a tradition of sharing gratuities. You can also donate to a staff member here.

Rafting FAQ

What is the trip run minimum?
12 participants.

What is the age limit?
Guests must properly fit our life vests. Youth vests are rated for a minimum weight of 50 lbs. Our largest vests are rated to fit up to a 58" chest. While actual weight and sizes vary with regard to a proper fit, a proper fit must be achieved.

What about toilet facilities?
 Some camps on some of our rivers have toilet facilities installed by the forest service, but some do not. For rivers without facilities, we bring portable toilets downriver with us. These are units with a molded seat that is similar to the same size, shape and height of a regular toilet. Toilets are set up in a screened location away from camp and an "occupied" indicator will ensure privacy.

Backpacking/Mountaineering FAQ:

What is the trip “run” minimum?
5 participants. If a group has less than this they will need to still pay for the trip “run” minimum for a trip to proceed.

What is the maximum number a group can have?
10 is the maximum number we will take on a backcountry trip. This number may trend less depending on the terrain and age of the groups. 

What about bathroom facilities? 

“Wag bags” are provided to each participant prior to the trip. These will be handed out during pack out. Most sites with a designated camp will have a pit toilet available for use. In the event that is not available, you will use the designated “wag bag” to make sure we pack out everything we bring in. Additionally, there will be another bag provided for feminine hygiene products.

How do we Filter Water? 

We use Platypus gravityworks filters. We also bring backup iodine tablets and/or a hand pump filter. Please feel free to bring your own filtration system but understand the risks involved with drinking untreated water. 

Gluten Free, Vegan or Food Allergies? 

We can provide vegan/gluten free and/or dairy free freeze-dried meals for any participant who is sensitive to gluten. For those with Celiac we recommend bringing your own meals and can work with individuals to make sure they bring enough. We cannot guarantee cross contamination issues for those with severe peanut allergies as well. Our guides are medically trained to administer an Epi-pen. Please email for serious concerns.  

What size does my pack need to be?
Packs need to be a minimum of 65 Liters. If you do not have a pack that size no worries! We can provide Osprey packs in S/M and L/XL sizes if needed. 

What if I don’t have the right gear?
Peak 7 Adventures was founded to provide outdoor access to everyone by removing as many barriers as possible. We can fully outfit each participant with most of what they need for the backcountry. Please see the packing list for more information. Email for any questions.

What is the age limit?
Backpacking is for everyone! That being said, we can offer several different levels of difficulty. Look in our Backpacking section to see our trip offerings!

Snowshoeing FAQ

Does Peak 7 provide the snowshoes? 
Peak 7 Adventures was founded to provide outdoor access to everyone by removing as many barriers as possible. We provide snowshoes, winter clothing, and hot cocoa! 

Where do we meet?

Under each trip section, full details of meet times and locations will be provided. Of course please always reach out to for questions!

Climbing FAQ

What does Peak 7 Provide?
Peak 7 Adventures was founded to provide outdoor access to everyone by removing as many barriers as possible. All necessary climbing equipment is provided including helmets, shoes and harness. 

What if I don’t know how to climb?
No problem! Climbing is a great skill that takes time and patience. Our goal is to introduce you to rock climbing in a safe and fun environment. Our guides can help give some instruction while you are on the route. We are always amazed when first timers come out for a day trip and leave with a new passion for the sport.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding FAQ

What is the “Trip Run Minimum”?
8 Participants is the minimum number of participants needed to run a trip. If a group brings less, they will still be required to pay the minimum trip fee.