Our refund policy and trip credit policy are as stated below unless told otherwise by the Peak 7 Program Director or finance team.

Refund Policy:
  • Deposits are non-refundable and trip credit cannot be used to satisfy the trip deposit requirement.
  • Refunds available for trips canceled two weeks prior to the start date excluding deposit.
  • If a trip is canceled within two weeks of the trip start date, a trip credit will be available as per our credit policy.

Trip Credit Policy:
All Peak 7 programs have Trip Run minimums, under which we are not obligated to operate any given trip.   Please check our FAQ page(link) for trip "run” minimums.  If the organization is unable to bring the number of participants booked for/committed to on the invoice, the trip run minimum guidelines will be applied to determine whether the trip will be canceled or if the trip qualifies for Trip Credit.  Upon approval of Peak 7 management, trips may be run with less than the minimum participants, with the understanding that the client will be responsible for paying the minimum participant fee. For trips that meet the run minimum, trip credit will be applied as follows:

  • If 50% of the participants booked come, the organization will be credited for the full number of participants not brought.
  • If less than 50% of the participants booked come, the organization will be credited for the number of participants not brought at half of the per person cost.
  • The credit will be valid through the following season only and can be applied to any of our trip packages. 
  • Peak 7 does not guarantee trip availability for credits applied to the following season. Trips are booked on a first come first serve basis.
  • If a trip is canceled up to 72 hours before the trip start time, 50% of the full payment will be available for next year. After this window, no credit will be available for canceled trips without approval.  
  • If Peak 7 cancels the trip for any reason, the organization will have the option to reschedule or apply full Trip Credit the following season. 
  • Booked trips and/or all payments received cannot be transferred to another organization without prior approval. Should the organization receiving the transferred funds subsequently cancel their trip, all funds paid will be retained by Peak 7 as a result of cancellation.

Individual Refund Policy:
  • If an individual cancels two weeks prior to the trip date, a refund not including the deposit will be issued. If canceled within 2 weeks of the trip date, there will be no refund given.

If you have any questions about your refund or trip credit, please email us at office@peak7.org